ART OF THE BELLY 2024 PERFORMER APPLICATION  We have a whole new Art of the Belly performer application for 2024. Who needs to fill out this application? Anyone and everyone who is interested in performing in our 2024 event. 

What makes Art of the Belly shows special?

We are a judgment free zone. At AOTB we believe everyone has talent and this resonates with our audience. All levels and styles of belly dance are welcome. To perform at AOTB is to know that you are in a safe space where diversity is encouraged and all performers are treated with respect.

 Interested in Teaching atArt of the Belly?

*Contact Patti or Naimah for Details


Art of the Belly Performer Tips

We try to accommodate each of you as much as possible. You are our guest, however we have but so many performance slots to fill so please note that a completed application is not a guarantee to perform.

Be Supportive. We spend a lot of time, money and effort to bring you world renowned instructors who specialize in different styles as we realize that you are all individuals who want to create your own unique style. Please extend us and the instructors the courtesy of supporting them while they are here.

We are only human and may experience errors from time to time. We live, learn and improve. We want to make the performance application process as convenient as possible however it has been our experience that good old SNAIL MAIL is the most reliable way to send the application. Due to the high volume, faxes, emails, and electronic applications run more of a risk of getting lost. When mailing save yourself some postage and only send the portions that need to be returned. The rest is for your own records. The forms we need are your application, stage manager form, and any applicable receipts.

Those who support by signing up for workshops will be considered first. Please include your receipts with your application. If you are signing up for a troupe please include all of the receipts from each troupe member who has registered. Receipts are good for only one performance slot. You may sign up for more however, any additional pieces have more of a chance of being added to the wait list. We would like to limit repeat performers as we would like many to have the opportunity to perform. Please also note that we tend to get through quite a bit of the wait list sometimes during the festival.

Please read and complete the entire application and make sure all parts are legible.

Follow up with us to make sure your application was received if you do not hear from us after Thanksgiving.
Be flexible. If you only sign up to perform on Saturday evenings it really limits your options. We understand that you have a life and it may not be possible for you to make it there any other day, but again, we only have a limited amount of time slots.

Join the Art of the Belly facebook group and fan page to receive the current updates. The sooner you get your application in, the more options you have.


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