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 I. WORKSHOPS - When you pay for a workshop you get into the show the day of your workshop for free.

Q: Where can I find the class descriptions and schedule for the workshops?
Answer: They are listed under Workshops-Descriptions & Schedule on the website
Q: How do I register for multiple workshops?
Answer: Purchase your workshops using the discount options and while checking out on shopping cart please leave your chooses in the comment box. If you forget you can email your choices along with your full name to
Q: Will the workshops conflict with show times?
Answer: No, workshops will not take place during the show

Q: Once I register for a workshop can I switch?
Answer: No, we have to keep an accurate count of workshop attendees and we would like to maintain a smooth and simple registration process
Q: Do I need to bring my receipt with me?
Answer: Yes, please bring your receipt or at least have the ability to obtain your receipt from your phone. Mistakes can happen and this is to ensure you have a smooth registration process.
Q: Will there be breaks between workshops on Friday?
Answer: Yes, there will be 5-10 minutes between workshops to make it to your next class. There will also be a half an hour break at 12:30pm

Q: When is the last day I can pay by check for classes ?
Answer: March 8, 2016 We weed to allow time for it to clear bank

Q: Can I cancel a workshop and receive a refund?
Answer: : IMPORTANT!!! There are NO REFUNDS However  you may be able to transfer (resell) your class to someone else but you must notify us so we can change the name on the registration...otherwise they will not get in.

Q, What are  the show times 

A. Performances will be held: Friday,  7pm-10pm, Saturday,  12pm-10pm Sunday, 12pm-5pm
Our house band is scheduled to perform live music w/performers during these times:
Saturday 3pm - 4pm
Saturday 8pm - 9pm
Sunday 12pm - 12:45pm
Q: How can I sign up to perform?
Answer: You can go to Performer Application page -applications will be available online after Sept. 15
Q: How long is each performance time slot?
Answer: Soloists 5 min , 2-4 performers 7 minutes, Troupes (5 or more) 9 minutes
You are restricted to these times. Please be considerate and do not go over your allotted time or your music will be turned off.
Q: Do I pay admission the day of my performance?
Answer: No, if you are performing you will receive a hand stamp good only for the day of your performance.
Q. Is there a space to practice before I/my troupe performs?
Answer: Yes, there is a large room provided for practice for a small fee. You can sign up for the room ahead of time by emailing us at Please DO NOT rehearse in the lobby or the atrium.
Q: Can I switch my performance time?
Answer: Yes and no. If you find your performance time does not work for you because maybe the date you applied for was already booked you will be given the option to be placed on a wait list until something opens up.

Stage Information
Q: How high are the ceilings?
Answer: We are not sure we will be under the tent but at least 10'
Q What are the dimensions of the stage? Is it a raised stage?
Answer: The stage is 16 X 24 . It is raised 2 ft from the floor.
Q: How many entrances are there to the stage?
Answer: Entrance from both stage right and left. Please inform Stage Manager of your preference.
Q: Is there a curtain at the front of the stage?
Answer: No.
Q: Will my performance time slot conflict with my workshop schedule?
Answer: Not really Workshops and shows do not take place at the same time.

Live Music
AOTB takes great pride in having live band. Our band is listed on the SHOW page.

There will be no duplicate music performed by our musicians at the request of a dancer. We thank you for your understanding on this.
The option to perform with the live band is on the performer application. Who dances with the band is based on the order your application was received. After you application is accepted you will be in direct contact with the musicians in regard to your performance.


Q: How do I order a Video?
Answer: Please see the link on the "Media" page and use the link under Candlelight Productions "order a HD Performance Video".
Q: How do I schedule a photoshoot and order photos?
Answer: Please contact Stereo Vision Photography at or follow link on Photographer page.
Q: How long will it take to receive a Video of my performance?
Answer: Your video should be ready soon after your performance. Please stop by the booth to pick it up after your performance.
Q: How long will it take to receive photos of my performance?
Answer: With the high volume of photos to edit, this could take some time. Please be patient. It will be well worth it.
Q: How does AOTB receive music for performance?

Answer: EMAIL YOUR MUSIC TO  Rememberto put your name/troupe name on message

IV. Vending

Private vending is totally stealing and although it may line your wallet with extra cash, it's taking it from another vendor that PAID to vend. They are laying out an expense to provide a service for our guests.  There is also an insurance matter that is involved. This violation will cost you your performance slot including your whole troupe. We didn't think we would ever have to do this. If you have a service or goods to provide come to us, do it legit, use your powers for good. Do the right thing by your dancing family.

Private vending includes providing  Goods and/or services - like massages, hair  styling, manicures, doing their make up, photography (basically if you are charging anyone for a service even if not mentioned in the above list- will not make us happy. )

Q: How do I apply to vend?
Answer: Contact Patti at to receive an application. (space is limited so apply early!)

V. Hotel Info

Q: Why are there 2 addresses for the hotel?
Answer: One address is for the hotel. The other is for the condominium high rise above the hotel. Both addresses will take you to the same location.
Q: How can I book a room? 
Answer: Please call 1-800-641-0011 this is the only way to get the discount Online will say it's sold out. So call them

VI. Other

Q: How can I volunteer to help with the event?
Answer: Please contact us at
Q: Is there a facebook group/ Twitter page for the event?

Answer: Yes! Please follow these links and "Like" our page!