"Axial Anthology"
An open level course that provides an accessible approach to complex layering in Raqs Shaqri Fusion.  Soft with sharp, long with short- the WHY of layering difficulties and how to overcome these plateaus at any stage of dancer development.  Axial Body, here we come! In this 2 hour deep-dive, we'll explore layering in complex timing, a-typical movement combinations, and articulate pathways.  Let's re-vamp the process of building layers efficiently into the muscle memory! 

"Infringing Foundations"
Serpentine movements combine into mind melting combinations in this accessible challenge for beginner to intermediate dancers.  This delectable bevy of dance-nuggets will culminate in a hypnotic, rib-sticking choreography.  Our movement vocabulary will consist of Raqs Sharqi, Fusion, and Contemporary Dance. 

Lecture/Lab Workshops:
"Costume and Prop Creation for the Strange and Unusual"
Costuming informs intent-what story would you like to tell?  Let's turn on the idea machine! Learn costume and prop tricks from an engineering perspective, and how to create impactful art from unusual materials. This lecture workshop includes an interactive portion and links to outside resources. A note book is recommended for this all-levels lecture. 

"Devin Alfather is a multidisciplinary dancer currently specializing in Theatrical Fusion Belly Dance, Raqs Sharqi, and other world Fusion dances. She has performed across stages from Portland to Vegas, and toured across the American Southwest, showcasing her evocative and over-the-top costuming. Winner of the 2019 Gulf Coast Raqs Fusion Soloist and People's Choice Award, as well as Yalla Raqs Fusion Pro in 2022, this dancer strives to bring originality and impeccable timing to her technique. She is a continuous student of source materials and dancers."

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Algerian Rai Dance
This workshop will explore the movement of Raï, the popular music of West Algeria. Raï music is rebel blues - it challenges the religious, the colonial, the social, and the acceptable status quo and therefore has been historically disenfranchised by colonialists and local Algerian nation-state. Despite its marginalization, it has been a symbol of soulfulness, freedom, and groove. Students will learn rai "groove" through rhythmic and fundamental footwork.. (live percussion if available)

Algerian Chaoui (Amazigh) Dance
This workshop will explore a traditional dance from one sub-group of the indigenous people (Amazigh) of North Africa, known as the Chaouiya. This group is home to the region of the Aures mountains in East Algeria.  Chaoui dance is maternal and grounded, truly symbolic of this tribe's respect to the divine energy of nature and agriculture. Famously known by the "bounce" of the belly, this style is danced with strong isolations in the pelvis area.
Students will learn the core isolation of the "belly bounce", fundamental footwork, and create/continue a relationship with Chaoui rhythmic heartbeat.

North African Dance 101 (lecture)
What is "North African" dance, and what are the dozens of diverse styles found across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia? What do they look like and what are their customs?


Featured in the New York Times, VOGUE Arabia, and as one of the "100 Women" of 2022 by BBC, Esraa Warda is New York's emerging dance artist and educator specializing in Algerian traditional dance forms. A child of the Algerian diaspora, Warda is a cultural warrior advocating for the representation & preservation of North African women-led dance traditions and the decolonization of euro-centricity, orientalism, and patriarchy in dance. She also is a protegé and dancer of one of the last-standing female masters of traditional Rai in the diaspora, Cheikha Rabia, foregrounding Algerian tradition through a powerful dance and song performance in which the ancestral and the contemporary find common ground.


In this class, we will discuss skin care, makeup application dos and don'ts, makeup styles for performance, photography, casual wear, special occasions, and more. We will also strut down our imaginary r

unway and strike a pose, as well as offer you a guide for facial expressions to up your overall 

photogenic game. Please bring a notebook, whatever supplies you have for applying makeup, and a

 clean, fresh face.


Naimah is an award winning belly dancer from Baltimore, MD and director of award winning troupe, Amandari. With a background in ballet, modern, hip hop, African dance, and fine art, her style is best described as eclectic and eccentric. She teaches online classes on a multitude of topics pertaining to dance including history, culture, strength, flexibility and more. She calls this format "Multiversal Movement" as belly dance and performance art in general is Multidimensional. She is aso proud brand ambassador for D. Webb Designs. Naimah has produced many shows in Maryland and is currently the co- producer of Maryland's largest belly dance festival, "Art of the Belly" in Ocean City, MD.







Morning Movement and Stretch - Join Mariyah for a morning movement session that will energize, restore and prepare you for a day of dance. Elements of Yoga, Pilates and breathwork will be included. This class is suitable for all levels and modifications will be given. Please bring your own mat

American Cabaret Show - Explore the fundamentals of classic East Coast Am Cab style with Turkish influence. Elements of the classic show structure will be explored and combos taught as building blocks for your own unique improvisation. Please bring a veil and zills.


Mariyah is a dance artist/choreographer/instructor and one of NYC's most celebrated bellydancers. In addition to her performance of classic Oriental Dance, Mariyah is a theatrical artist drawing on her study of a variety of dance and movement forms and her passion for myth, mysticism and poetry to create dances which evoke archetypal figures and a journey of the Spirit. 
Known for her graceful and evocative dance style, she has performed countless shows for weddings, events, cabaret and theater stages in the NYC area and internationally. She is a member of the Dalia Carella Dance Collective since 2001, a cofounder of Entelechy Dance Theater and Infinity Bellydance, a performer with project "Bella Gaia" and has collaborated in projects such as the Arabic music and dance ensemble, Zikrayat and Bellyqueen. 
A lifelong student, Mariyah's endless love for movement and music has led her to the continuing study of Vintage American-Cabaret, Turkish and Egyptian bellydance as well as Odissi, Persian, Contemporary and other dance forms. 
Mariyah is co-creator and a featured instructor of the DVD Belly Dance Drum Solo: Concepts for Dancers and Drummers. 
For more information about Mariyah, please visit


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