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BIO: Casey Bond  “Bringing the doum to the room!”
Casey Bond is a percussionist who really has fun with a drum....and she wants you to have fun too! Over the years she's appeared on dozens of festival stages, including Art of the Belly 2018 & 2019 with Carmine & Friends! She's performed and brought her entertaining (yet informative!) workshops to a wide range of festivals, including Rakkasah East and Spring Caravan; NEATS and Super Fun Dance Camps, Spring Thing (Philadelphia Folk Song Society); Festival of the East and more.  
Casey loves teaching, and has maintained a weekly doumbek class on Long Island since 2008, currently offering Beginner and Intermediate doumbek classes at the prestigious Momentum School of Music in West Islip, NY. She is also honored to present limited workshop series in the heart of NYC at Belly Dance America.
As founder/artistic director of the Raq Steady student ensemble, her original percussion compositions are featured on  “Raq Steady: Greatest Hits Volume One.” which is available at www.cdbaby.com/raqsteady. Casey brings "real life" experience to her drum classes, as a professional percussionist with some of NYC's coolest bands, including Carmine & Friends, Scott Wilson & Efendi and The Elias Ladino Ensemble. Contact her at caseybond@aol.com or visit her website: www.caseybond.org



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Doumbek Rockstar: Roll, Pop, Slap and Snap!
In this workshop, you will learn techniques and new hits to use on your doumbek. These are the rock star tricks! Learn how to incorporate these hits into rhythms and solos to really spice up your playing. This workshop is perfect for any drummer who knows the basics.

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"Miriam has been studying Middle Eastern Dance since 2002. What began as a desire to find a fun way to stay fit has evolved into a passion for learning about folk dances of all cultures. She believes that two things can tell you the most about any culture without ever a word being spoken: their food and their dances! An unlikely historian, Miriam discovered that her dance studies have given her a greater understanding and appreciation for Middle Eastern cultures and she now finds joy in learning the customs and history of the people behind the dances. In 2018, she founded the Holy Land Dance troupe in Manassas, Virginia with the aim of creating an inclusive, family-friendly activity for both adults and children where they can all learn about the world together."

Saturday 8am-9am 

Sunday 8:30-9:30am
Introduce your children to Middle Eastern culture through Middle Eastern dance! In this class, children ages 6 and up* will learn a choreography inspired by Disney’s “Aladdin,” but set to a real Arabic children’s song called “New Moon.” Those attending both Saturday and Sunday may also perform the choreography with the class on Sunday, so be sure to bring something sparkly to wear on stage, or wear a solid color and borrow costume pieces from Miriam. *Children as young as 4 may also register if they have an older sibling in the class to help them.

Bellydance Rhythms & Songs Workshop with Casey Bond!

Beginner and Intermediate Level percussion workshop for doumbek or frame drum. 

(Percussion curious dancers welcome to play rhythms on doumbek, zills or Turkish 


Part One: Start with ten fabulous bellydance rhythms: Maqsum, Khaligi, Saiidi, Malfuf, Masmoudi, Bolero, Moroccan 6/8, Karsilama, Laz and Chiftetelli. Novice/beginners will learn to play basic rhythms, while intermediate drummers tackle fills, transitions and

Part Two: Casey will "conduct" the percussionists as we use the rhythms to play some awesome bellydance songs with Dr. Carmine Guida on oud!

Preregistered participants are guaranteed a complete AOTB 2023 Workshop Packet,

 including an outline, copious rhythm notation handouts and contact info. Please bring  your percussion instrument and a smile!​