African Traditions of Khaleeji:

Al- Khaleej 1.0 (The African experience edition) : "get to know the culture before you get to know the dance" basic class: Khaleeji is more than just what the West think it is.This class is especially formulated in celebration and awareness of  people of The African diaspora. I will especially discuss the African foundations in Khaleeji dances that have gone unrecognized or erased from Khaleeji culture and common knowledge. This all includes mannerisms/cultural etiquette, khaleej dance etiquette, religious aspects, historical information, proper attire, musicality / musical instrumentation, and various styles of dress. Getting to know other regions of the gulf, everyday khaleej life and of especially the African experience. Please bring a notebook, a pen, and a snack if you like!

 Afro Persian Bandari, 

Afro-Persian Bandari: *a small discussion is included in this segment* In Farsi vs. Persian language , Bandar means “harbor”. This high energy Southern Iranian folk dance from the Persian Gulf not only reflects on ties from the Arabian Peninsula but from traditional African dances that was brought to the Persian Gulf by the work trade.  Come learn abdominal movements and undulations, graceful arm and hands movements, with shimmies and fun spins and turns!

 Saidi Sass:

Saidi Sass: a very popular Upper Egyptian folk style can be performed with or without “assaya” a cane or with Sagat “zills”!  Learn sassy and modern yet traditionally grounded saidi technique. Saidi technique and combinations will be taught and then strung together to create a longer full choreography. Background and historical information will be gone over to give each dancer a frame of reference for current and past Saidi trends.


Lindsey's love of dance began at an early age and has taken shape over the years in many forms. Despite dancing for over 30 years, it wasn’t until a friend dragged her to a belly dance class several years ago that Lindsey fell in love with Belly Dancing and hasn't looked back since. She teaches classical belly dance technique with a fusion flare, blending elements from dance styles learned throughout her life. Her goal is to help the belly dance scene in Frederick flourish, and to provide education to the public on the nature of this beautiful art form. Lindsey strives to create a nurturing, inspiring environment for her dancers where they can feel free of judgement and learn to accept and love their bodies just the way they are.

Cross training in varying belly dance styles Lindsey has explored many techniques including classical Egyptian, the style formerly known as Tribal Fusion, Russian Romany and Flamenco Arabe skirt dancing, and the Siren Project, as well as additional sword and fan technique. She has studied with and draws inspiration from Belladonna Boheme, Lisi Brümmer, Naimah Loren, Deborah Colley, Saeeda Kasym, Dalia Carella, Rachel Redfern, and Shahrzad. She is currently certified as a Level 3 Technician in Belladonna's Bohemian Blade technique and is a certified instructor in the Divine Chaos Collective Skirt Technique.

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Linsey McCormick​


lindsey mccormick


Fiery Fusion Fan Technique
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Add some sass and sizzle to your next performance with Fiery Fusion Fan Technique! The fan is an extremely elegant prop that emphasizes beautiful lines and strong hands utilizing flamenco inspiration, and allows you to explore unlimited potential as you unlock the passion of the fan.

In this workshop we learn:
·        Brief history of the fan
·       Fundamental fan technique
-          How to hold
-          Opening/closing (including that oh so satisfying SNAP!)
-          How to use your wrist to move the fan in different ways
-          Twirling
-          What to do with the other hand
·        Upper Body Positioning and arms
·        Examine theatricality and presentation
·        Essential fan movements

We will explore various movements and combinations that can be used alone, or strung together for a complete choreography. This will be an opportunity to integrate fan technique with full body connection. Fan movements work great on their own or when layered with belly dance technique!
Common Questions:
What if I don't own a fan? No problem. We will have fans for sale at the workshop, and if you email me at I can direct you where to purchase them prior to AOTB as well.
What if I'm not a beginner? This workshop addresses beginning-level fan skills, but higher level dancers, who are interested in breaking down fan techniques are welcome to join


Oreet, is the creator of SharQui – The bellydance workout. She has over 25 years of experience in dance and fitness and grew up with Israeli and Yemeni folk and Oriental dance. She uses her extensive experience as a professional dancer & fitness educator to help dancers and teachers fast-track their progress by offering clarity, strategy, and tools they need to meet the ever-evolving demands of teaching. Oreet mentors hundreds of teachers to create classes that not only brings in students but brings back the fun and inspiration back to their teaching businesses. Along with being an award-winning performer her newest passion is educating dancers about Mizrahi dance and its relevance in Arabic Culture.

Getting Out There 
The days of promoting, “Here are my classes!” are gone, and being everything to everyone doesn’t work in our noisy, social media world. It’s the right messaging that will get you noticed and attract the right people to leverage your dance business!
In this workshop, Oreet will work with you to get it right from the start, whether you are a veteran of social media or just starting out.  You’ll get into the nitty gritty of who you want to serve, create your messaging, and then learn how to date your audience with specific types of posts/emails that will enable your audience to trust you so that they will buy from you.  You will walk away with content ideas and a plan so that you can promote with confidence.  Please bring a notebook, pen, or digital device for notes, and an open mind. 


Teacher, dancer, ethnologist of African in origin dances and choreographer for 22 years. I am very thankful to be considered one of the most influential names in Arabic dance and folklore. I am based in Denver, CO (USA), I am of Kenyan descent born in KSA. I am known for having unique didactics of Afro-Arabian Folklore, music and its cultural aspects. In fortunate addition to being highly sought after in the Denver community I can be seen performing live in Denver's top establishments. I am thankful to have been invited in the past and current to teach and perform in various US states and abroad. I continue to perfect my dance education by studying with great masters and composers of Afro-Arabian Dances worldwide. I constantly travel to improve my approach, stylization, technique and cultural aspects of the dances and the culture embedded deep within the foundations of the African diaspora. I am the Owner and creator of various online platforms that already have students, dancers and musicians from all over the world to enjoy