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Meet Our Teachers

sadie marqardt

Every year we have "Legendary" themed after parties where we have signature drinks and strongly encourage costume participation.  There is always a costume contest and this year our theme is  WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER 

"DRUM SOLO SECRETS" Sadie is known worldwide for her jaw dropping drum solo
technique and choreographies. She has been featured on dozens of performance and
instructional videos displaying her incomparable skill. In this workshop Sadie will take
you through a series of exercises and drills that will break down her signature technique
and drum solo secrets to help you develop stunning isolations necessary for fast paced
drum solo choreographies

"LAYER PLAYER" Layering is the ultimate Bellydance skill. To master the art of layering, a dancer must first master Isolation, Precision and Timing. This workshop is a technique intensive designed to tap into the mind/body connections necessary to master layering.
Sadie's layering techniques and drills will allow all levels of dancers including beginners to start having fun with layers while challenging even the most advanced dancers and teachers. Get ready to be a #1 Layer Player!

"SAMBA FUSION” The Brazilian Samba is one of the worlds most fun and celebrated
dances! This workshop will break down some of the most popular moves and foot
patterns in the Samba no Pe`, the soloist dance seen at Rio  Carnaval. We will then
add those pulsating rhythms and movements to the hypnotic sounds and moves of
bellydance for one SPICY workshop you don’t want to miss!!!

About our themes:


Sadie is an inspiration and icon to her students and fans around the world and serves to empower people through the captivating art of Oriental Dance (Bellydance). She has produced dozens of bestselling instructional videos. She has represented the art of Oriental Dance in front of millions of viewers on the hit show “America’s Got Talent”.

Sadie is the founder and director of the “Raqs Flow” training program, which enriches students with a strong foundation in technique while keeping them engaged and connected to the dance’s culture and historical roots. She recently launched a new clothing line of athletic dance wear and produces a variety of destination dance retreats around the world, taking her students on a deep journey and exploration of this incredible art form as well as their own inner selves.

Sadie lives in Denver, Colorado.  She loves spending time in nature, hiking, camping and adventuring with her family. Aside from dance, Sadie has a deep passion and commitment to living and creating a holistic, sustainable lifestyle and world. She loves to combine her passions in her retreats; bringing the power of nature, dance, music, conscious living and human connection together.

When she is not busy traveling the globe she can be found teaching her award-winning bellydance classes and workshops as well as performing locally in Colorado.