​​LIVE EVENT -  MARCH 16-MARCH 19, 2023 





Dance Like and Egyptian
Deepen your grasp of Egyptian style dance with this unique technique and musicality intensive. Shahrzad will be using the knowledge she's gained during her 6+ years of life and work in Egypt to give students a baseline to identify Egyptian style and how it differs from western belly dance styles. The class will focus around the base movements and musicality of Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Baladi with technique breakdowns, rhythm training, and exploration of musicality with combinations to both classic and popular modern tunes. At lunch Shahrzad will lead a viewing of a variety of videos of Egyptian dancers to check out the dance in action and give some insights into the contexts in which the dance takes place as well as how it has evolved over time.

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​Shahrzad is a professional dance instructor and performer specializing in Raqs Sharqi as well as traditional and social dance styles from around North Africa and the Middle East. She began studying Middle Eastern dance at the age of 11 and quickly found her passion in Egyptian music and dance, going on to study intensively with Egyptian style instructors first in traveling for workshops and private training in the US and then to Egypt with instructors such as Habiba, Raqia Hassan, Faten Salama, Soraia Zaied, and many more. 

In 2015 Shahrzad moved to Egypt to live and work full time and has since made a career as a performer appearing in top night clubs as well as film and media. To supplement her 20+ years of dance training Shahrzad also holds several fitness certifications including becoming a PMA certified Pilates instructor in 2013.

Shahrzad currently resides in Cairo, splitting her time between her shows and classes in Egypt and her international tours to present shows and workshops at dance festivals and schools around the world.