ONLINE MARCH 18-21, 2021


SAMANTHA DIAZ BIO: Samantha Diaz was born in Lima, Peru and came to New York City 15 years ago to perform her unique style of world dance and establish her company Dance Soul Entertainment.

Her style of performance fuses different world styles of dance such as Bellydance, Samba, Flamenco, Bollywood, Latin Ballroom, Cabaret, Snake Charmer, South American Traditional dance and Contemporary.

Diaz has performed at famed venues and networks such as the Apollo Theater, Bollywood Music Awards, United Nations, Radio City Music Hall, NBC, CW11, MTV, Vice and TLC.  She was also the first ever Belly Dance Choreographer to appear and teach contestants on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE in Ukraine.

Samantha is a certified Broadway Dance Center teacher and she trains and teaches workshops, Worldwide. Most notably, she toured China as a guest MASTER TEACHER and Competition Director of "BellyDance China" in both 2013 and 2015

​BEVIN BIO: Bevin Victoria is a multi-faceted, award-winning dancer, actor and musician based in Portland, Oregon. Bevin specializes in transnational fusion and fusion jazz dance performances incorporating her life-long intensive studies in jazz, contemporary, gymnastics and martial arts with her more recent love, dances rooted in North Africa, the Mediterranean, Western Asia and the Balkans .She has spent the last 13 years performing as a soloist having toured the US and Europe with The Underscore Orkestra, Vagabond Opera and Sepiatonic along with numerous other incredible bands and as a member of the folkloric dance and music ensemble, Baksana, contemporary fusion collective, VARIAT Dance and serves as the Director of Hybrid Dance Company. 

Having a background in athletics and as a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, one of her greatest passions is helping artists create healthy movement patterns and build a deep understanding of their bodies and movement styles through her carefully cultivated fitness modality, Hybrid Training. 

Bevin Victoria constantly draws inspiration from her radiant community of incredible peers, students and teachers and seeks to continue the spirit of sharing knowledge and passion for self-expression, empowerment and holistic health openly through her workshops, classes and private training sessions.


Thursday, March 18th    11:00-2:00pm  EST

Fancy 3hr Choreography Intensive

The scene is set: it’s 1928 and you’ve assembled a rag tag team of misfits to pull off the most epic of bank heists. You’ve got a flask of giggle juice, as much fringe as your knees can handle and a lot of big plans for all the cold hard cash and jewels you’re about to stuff in a burlap sack. Will you make it to the safe in time? This is a fast, dynamic choreography full of vim and vinegar where we take the best dance moves the roaring 20’s had to offer and seamlessly fuse it into a transnational fusion choreography. Borrowing movement from a style called Black Bottom, this jazz heavy choreography will introduce you to some challenging but fun phrases and a lot of sassy character work to pull it all together. We place a focus on honing the technique of more obscure movements and using your expressive face to tell the story of the dance. This choreography is guaranteed to be the bees knees- and you can take that right to the bank!

Saturday, March 20th ​ 12:45-2:45PM   EST
The Fire Within: Dancing bigger than your body
Exploring fusion technique outside of the box, outside of the body. Using and practicing misdirection with waving, ticking, breathe work and visualization we will work on creating dynamic and intentional movement using practical energy work with ancient and modern dance techniques.
Focus sections include:
-CORE dance and Visualization- working from your energetic center to set
intention and space
Misdirection through ticking and waving
-Application in fusion choreography and performance
-All levels and big imaginations welcome.



  • BIOS

*Fire & Ice Synergy Dance*

Exploring the polarities in dance and expressions    
Class will consist in Dance Combinations, Techniques, Expressions , Emotions, Confidence, Musicality, Exploring your own style, Graceful and Powerful movements.

SATURDAY MARCH 20th  12:45-2:45PM EST

*Earth Element* 

Connect with the power of your body and drums.
Class will consist in Grounding Dance Techniques & Drum Solo Choreography 

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