Friday VIRTUAL - 2:30-4:30

  Perpetual motion: motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy.

With an emphasis on fluidity throughout the body, this workshop will help you connect movement using your breath, play with sharp hits including the momentum they cause, and work with intentional movement in still moments.

Building a small choreo with these movements will help show you how powerful they can be.. you will take away something to bring into your own practice and choreography!

Sunday 9:30-11:30

Last Stand : A dynamic choreography slathered with gooey movement, crisp attacks, and delicious recoil. You will learn some of Pixie’s signature style from her cross training and how she integrates it into her dance, and will see how she hears music through movement! 

APRIL'S BIO: April Monique dances as a Fusion style soloist and a member of troupe Amandari. She is also pleased to be the resident bellydancer and a core member of the Rogue Swan Theatre Company.  April teaches Fusion Dance at Beach Bee Yoga in Havre de Grace and runs the quarterly Moonshine Hafla.  She is also a certified instructor of SharQuí: The Bellydance Workout by Oreet

In addition to her experience in bellydance, April has spent much of her life studying other dance forms, but bellydance is, by far, her favorite.

April Monique

Friday, April 1, 2021 9:00-10:30 EST

Dynamite Dynamics!
Put some pow into your performance!
Even the most monotonous of songs can be exciting when you remember your dynamics – piano, pianissimo, mezzo forte, fortissimo!!!  All play a part to keep your audience engaged.  We will run a few dance combinations to varying songs and play with speed, size of movement, musical emphasis and emotional connection to bring your dance to vibrant life.


Pixie Fordtears hails from Oakland, CA. She is a touring dancer with Beats Antique as well as Zoe Jakes’ dance Co. Coven! She is the director of Eclipse Dance Co. Pixie enjoys cross training when she can in Popping, Waving, Gliding, Hip Hop, and Yoga. You can see this weave through her 11 years of Bellydance training when she performs!



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Salit is a professional bellydancer, choreographer and instructor based in New York city, originally from Israel, and the founder and director of SHEBA (the Sisterhood of Eclectic Bellydance Art)- a home for bellydance education in a welcoming environment, focusing on female empowerment, positive body-image and fun.
Salit holds multiple certificates of dance and fitness instruction and is a member of the folkloric dabke troupe “Afrah Events”. She has 15 years of training, performing, teaching and show producing experience.
Salit brings passion, musicality and a unique flavor to the stage and to her classes. 


Pixie Fordtears

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LIVE EVENT -  MARCH 31-April 3, 2022 VIRTUAL APRIL 8-10, 2022

Friday 1:00-2:30  IN PERSON
Dabke Fusion workshop
Learn a sizzling hot Dabke-Fusion choreography using traditional dabke steps combined with sexy bellydance moves, that is sure to set the stage on fire!

 Dabke is a folkloric dance of unity and connection to the earth originating in the Levant region (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine). It will add a strong presence and interesting footwork to your dance.

 *For intermediate level and higher
*Please wear sneakers/ dance sneakers to support your feet
*No previous dabke experience needed


April Monique

Pixie Fordtears