Workshop Description:


SATURDAY MARCH 24    9:00-10:30am       Room TBA
Take a journey through various avenues of movement, with exercises in exploring and creating integrated dance. Work with musicality, balance, flow, and feeling, and deepen your familiarity with these concepts through a fresh and unusual choreography. Whether you're looking for new dance moves, or just a way to step into the moment, this workshop provides an excellent opportunity to expand your personal dance practice.  Bring an open mind, and expect a good fun challenge! B


Workshop Description:


FRIDAY  MARCH 23   9:00-10:30am     Room TBA

Imagine you are at a party in Cairo and you just want to get up and Dance! This workshop is geared to those that want to have fun and get funky to the latest in Egyptian Shaabi music. As a musical form, Shaabi is the voice of the street, an urban expression full of feeling, double entendres, and social commentary.  As a dance, Shaabi reflects the true and authentic expression of the Egyptian people and their humor and playfulness.  Often described as a bit “cheeky” with a strong folkloric influence. Perfect for any style of belly dancer and all levels.

Zobeida Ghattas Bio:

Zobeida Ghattas is one of the top professional belly dancers currently working on the NYC scene. She started dancing in clubs and special events throughout the tri-state area at the age of 15 after studying with some of the best teachers in town - Anahid Sofian, Morocco, Nazita, Yousry Sharif - as well as many other internationally acclaimed instructors. In addition starting belly dance at age 7, Zobeida studied ballet for 17 years, along with modern dance, folk dances of various regions, jazz and lyrical. All these dance genres have merged to create Zobeida's signature creative style, one heavily influenced by the lines and grace of ballet but still keeping true to the essence of vintage Middle Eastern cabaret belly dance. 

 As a teacher, Zobeida is very diligent about dance aesthetic, tradition and proper injury prevention. She has taught workshops along the East coast about topics ranging from dramatic veil to Russian Romani skirt dance. She is always quick with a correction or compliment and students appreciate the honesty with which she teaches. Along with weekly classes in NYC, Zobeida has Skype and online lessons available. 


Workshop Description:


FRIDAY MARCH 23         9:00-10:30am                      Room TBA
In this workshop we will learn some basic ballet exercises and methods to enhance our belly dancing technique. The exercises will then combine to create a fun Oriental style choreography.  You will be able to use various elements of ballet to include in your own style of dance.


Toni's Bio:

Toni Petroski is a professional belly dance performer & instructor based in Central Pennsylvania and the Director of the Award-Winning Troupe Hayati.  Specializing in Vintage Oriental and Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Toni began her Belly Dance journey under the instruction of Jadaya of Harrisburg, PA in 1983 and has since continued to study this beautiful Art Form.  Known for her eclectic style and powerful performances, Toni is a featured dancer at local establishments as well as several area festivals and celebrations.

Toni continues to train extensively through workshops and intensives with wonderful instructors including Shahrzad, Princess Farhana, Jillina, Zahra Zuhair, Luna of Cairo, and Nourhan Sharif, just to name a few.  She also has enjoyed studying in Egypt with Aida Nour and Yasmina of Cairo and plans to return in 2018. 

MARCH 21-24, 2019



Rin Ajna's Bio:
Rooted in twenty years of diverse dance training, Rin Ajna has experimented with jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and several fusion dances, creating a dynamic experimental movement style that is most often described as otherworldly.

 Rin has toured internationally as a soloist, and as a performer and contributing choreographer for Jillina's theatrical production, Bellydance Evolution.

She is also the director of Myriad Project, a dance project featuring performances by artistically diverse casts of dancers, with performances set to original music and choreography.

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