ONLINE MARCH 18-21, 2021


Friday, March 19, 2021                     5:00-6:30pm  EST

Dynamic Dancing

Learn an enlivening fusion choreography designed to encourage dynamic and creative ideas for your dance practice or performance. Explore transitions between contrasting movements and work on honing your ear for music and the many ways it can translate into dance. Add your personal expression to the mix. Get ready for something new!

Saturday, March 20, 2021                11:00-12:30PM  EST
Connect the Dots

Experience an intriguing experimental-style choreography and watch it expand from just a sequence of moves into a seamless story of embodied emotion. Dancers will utilize concepts and drills to make the choreography really come to life! Whether you are looking to enrich your personal dance practice or deepen your stage performances, this balanced workshop is designed to bring out your unique authenticity in dance.

RIN BIO: Rin emerges from over two decades of exposure to a diverse array of movement avenues. She has developed a uniquely fluid and evolving voice in dance which offers a peculiar stretch beyond genres.

 With a profound passion for sound and a music background in piano, Rin has started on an exhilarating path of electronic music composition in recent years. This opens a world of opportunity to experiment with her love of music and dance composition for original creative projects.

Rin shares her eclectic style in classes and performances, and enjoys organic experimentation with flow in her personal practice. She often emphasizes “presence” in her classes to invite students to tap into their own experience, facilitating environments in which dancers can feel personally inspired by curiosity to develop their own vision.

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Friday, March 19, 2021​  2:45-4:45   EST
Fireball and Honey: 

A dynamic choreography slathered with gooey movement, crisp attacks, and delicious recoil. You will learn some of Pixie’s signature style from her cross training and how she integrates it into her dance, and will see how she hears music through movement!
2 hours usually could be a little longer

Sunday, March 21, 2021​
Lets do the Time Warp!   11:30 - 1:30pm  EST
Fun combos that feel like you are playing with Time! we will play with Ultra fast movement into slow dramatic phrases.. This will keep audience guessing!


PIXIE BIO: Pixie Fordtears hails from Oakland, CA. She is a touring dancer with Beats Antique as well as a Zoe Jakes dance Co. Coven! Pixie enjoys cross training when she can in Popping, Waving, Gliding, Hip Hop, and Yoga.  You can see this weave through her 10 years of Bellydance training when she performs! She loves to share the knowledge she has learned through her life in an inclusive way! Let's Play!