LIVE EVENT -  MARCH 31-April 3, 2022 VIRTUAL APRIL 8-10, 2022


Friday, March 19, 2021                     5:00-6:30pm  EST
Afrofusion Drills and Combos

This workshop focuses on teaching technique and choreography that borrows from Pan-African vernacular and street dances found throughout the continent and the diaspora, as well as Hip-Hop, House, and Jazz Funk. We will focus on polycentric dance techniques that will blend upper and lower body isolations with rhythmical footwork that complements the polyrhythms of Afrobeat, Afrobeats, Afrohouse and more! Be ready to get intricate, grounded, and groovy!

Saturday 9:00 - 10:30  LIVE 

Soul, Funk, and Disco are on the menu for this fun session inspired by Constance’s adventures as Connie Love in the world of nightlife as a professional Go-Go dancer. Get ready to work on improvisation exercises that will help you to build your personal movement vocabulary, presence, connection to your audience, and musicality. Class will conclude with learning a short combo that will fuse elements of choreography and freestyle.  Feel free to wear whatever footwear (stilettos, chunky heels, sneakers, etc) you feel balanced and comfortable in or none at all!


Constance is a Denver-based, New Jersey native and graduate of the Masters in Fine Arts Dance program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her fusion dance style is the result of over 20 years of combined experience in a variety of dance experiences ranging from Modern, Middle Eastern forms, nightlife entertainment and styles based in Africanist aesthetics. Her professional career began as a chorus dancer for JillinaCarlano's Belly Dance Evolution. She would later go on to co-found the New Jersey based fusion dance company, Be. Coming Movement in 2016. One of Constance's biggest passions is freestyle/Go-go dancing and she has been honored to dance at some of the country's liveliest nightclubs and festivals, including The Trestle Inn (Philadelphia), Mile High Soul Club (Denver), and Global Dance Festival (Denver). She is currently an instructor of Afrofusion dance at the street dance and breaking studio, Block 1750, in Boulder, CO and an online contributor to the world dance and fitness online dance studio, Raqs Online!

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SUNDAY 9:30- 11:30 LIVE April 3rd

Tarab, It’s Not Always About A Pretty Face: The art of Tarab, ecstasy and spiritual dance of Bellydance. Study with Nefertiti as she presents an in-dept workshop on how a western dancer can obtain a state of ecstasy thru dance. In this workshop you will learn to trust your body, be present with the music, musicality, and characteristics to reach the state of Tarab as you perform. We will discuss music, movements, and dance in this fun interactive class. It's not always about having a pretty face.

Residing in Delaware, Nefertiti, professionally known as Dr. Valerie, is a clinical sexologist, emotional management specialist, researcher, author, motivational speaker, activists and international professional MENAHT dancer. Nefertiti is the founder of Jewels of the Orient Bellydance& Wellness Festival, Sambabelly ™ Fitness, Belly dancers of Color Magic Group & MENAHT dancers of color wellness & dance retreat.

Nefertiti shares her passion and vision for the art of belly dancing by promoting dance through education and entertainment. Her style of dance is primarily Egyptian. Nefertiti is known for powerful, raw and passionate dance as she shares her life thru her performance with the audience.

While living in Cairo, Egypt for several years, Nefertiti was mentored by several top teachers. She studied at the ISOC in Cairo for her teacher's certification under the direction of Dr. Khalil and is a member of UNESCO. As an artist she danced and instructed on all 7 continents.

As a mentor, Nefertiti finds the diamond in the rough, polishes it and lets the radiance of that new dancer emerge. Nefertiti teaches the culture, history and dance movement.