LIVE EVENT -  MARCH 31-April 3, 2022 VIRTUAL APRIL 8-10, 2022


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BIO:  Naimah is an award winning belly dancer from Baltimore, MD and director of award winning troupe, Amandari. Her style is an experimental blend of belly dance and other forms of dance with a background in ballet, modern, hip hop and African dance. She has studied with many world renowned instructors and has been certified in the Suhaila Salimpour format of dance. She has also studied fine arts, cosmetics, apparel and costume design. She has appeared in the music videos for goth electronic bands. She is a proud brand ambassador for D. Webb Designs. She teaches classes on a multitude of topics pertaining to dance. Naimah is also the co-producer of Maryland’s largest belly dance festival, “Art of the Belly” in Ocean City, MD.

Friday 1:00-2:30

This workshop is for the solo or aspiring solo artists who wants to enhance their presence and leave their mark on the stage. The goal here is to not only capture your audience, but have them absorb the performance. We will be using bold phrases to make bold statements, combinations, and maybe even a mini choreography to effectively utilize the space with fiery energy. All you need to bring with you is charisma!​​



Ciana  Ariel

Ciana Ariel is a professional  performance artist and functional movement coach based in South Florida. Her fun, unique style and energetic, down to earth personality keeps her in demand, dazzling clients for over 13 years. She continues to expand her knowledge and is committed to providing quality and thoughtful private coaching, classes and entertainment. 

 FRI April 8 2:30-4:30 EST VIRTUAL
In this class we will focus on using musicality in a creative way working with concepts of threading, layers, level changes, and transitions to put together creative combinations. We will work on Posture and body awareness for more fluidity and better overall energy projection in your dance practice and performances.

Modern Cabaret- Sun April 10 11-1 EST VIRTUAL

'AmCab' or "Cabaret Style" bellydance is simply a  North American interpretation of RaqsSharqi developed and popularized mainly by  Restaurant & nightclub dancers in the US in the 1950s through the 90s and has a distinct look & style. In this workshop "Modern Cabaret" we will delve into how modern influence in music, props and social media have changed the way we gig and perform here in the US, while many of the same elements, structure and movements have stayed the same. 

"Jamhaila" -  SAT APRIL 9th 2:30 - 4 Virtual
Jamhaila is a term used in the Salimpour School that describes the intersection between the Salimpour formats, Jamila stylization and Suhaila technique! In this workshop we will talk about how both stylization and technique play an important part in the Salimpour formats while having fun with Jamila inspired combinations  fused with signature Suhaila Isolations. 


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