​​LIVE EVENT -  MARCH 16-MARCH 19, 2023 


Friday 9-10:30 - 
Oriental Technique & Combinations Á la Chudney:

Technique and combinations go hand and hand. How can you dance a combination if you can’t execute the individual moves? Chudney will break down fresh and challenging moves, drill them, and then 

strategically place them into dynamic combinations to pull it all together for a polished look. Get ready

 to rak out as we drill and combo up a sweat!

Friday 1:00- 2:30 
 Mejance Rhythm Breakdown 

Explore rhythms through a dynamic megance entrance piece. This workshop is jam packed with rich

 technique, musicality development, and Egyptian dance steps. We will build a short choreography, 

analyzing each sections rhythm(s) and how to express them musically and dynamically.

Friday 5:00 – 6:30 
What in the Saidi

What in the Saidi?Do you ever get stuck when a song has a full blown Saidi rhythm section? Do you wish you had
an assaya? Well guess what. You don’t need one. Get ready to learn some ‘Go to’ combinations 

sans assaya, and out of the box ways to approach and help you dance through that Saidi wall.
Great for all levels!

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Naimah is an award winning belly dancer from Baltimore, MD and director of award winning troupe, Amandari. With a background in ballet, modern, hip hop, African dance, and fine art, her style is best described as eclectic and eccentric. She teaches online classes on a multitude of topics pertaining to dance including history, culture, strength, flexibility and more. She calls this format "Multiversal Movement" as belly dance and performance art in general is Multidimensional. She is aso proud brand ambassador for D. Webb Designs. Naimah has produced many shows in Maryland and is currently the co- producer of Maryland's largest belly dance festival, "Art of the Belly" in Ocean City, MD.

Friday 9-10:30 AM - Naimah

Dance Otherworldly: Otherworldly: Slinky choreography withemphasis on Arms- Naimah is known

 for her unique brand of dance she calls Multiversal Movement where the focus is on making art beyond just dance. In this choreography workshop we will move through smooth transitions with extra

 attention to arm layering to add drama and create otherworldly like shapes. You will be able to take

 these movements with you to enhance your technique and presence on stage.​​





Chudney is known for her grace, fluid Egyptian technique, and an effortless embodiment of her musical interpretation. She is a Virginia native, now residing in Florida, who is a performer, instructor,  dance coach, event producer, and is also the proud director of Raks Royale belly dance troupe. Chudney has had the honor to have been selected and featured by Virginia of Miami in her theater production "Reflections", Munique Neith of Spain's Ballet Internacional in Barcelona, and most recently playing the lead role of Dorothy in Jillina's BDExperience.  She is mom to her fur baby Zayva (a Chihuahua Doberman she adopted 2 years ago which she features daily on IG as the “Daily Co Worker", and she is arguably her biggest fan.  Chudney is super excited of her recently launched On Demand Studio, Chudney Raks Online. You can dance with Chudney anytime from anywhere in the world whether live via her online ‘live’ Zoom classes and now On Demand at www.chudneyraks.com.


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