Workshop Descriptions:

Mini Shimmy- Children's Program

SATURDAY MARCH 24     8:30-9:15am         ICE RINK

SUNDAY  MARCH 25        9:00-9:45am          ICE RINK

Mini Shimmy is a two-class series for children ages 6 and older. Our youngest dancers will attend 45-minute sessions where they will make friends, and learn belly dance techniques while playing games and having fun. To the delight of their fans and paparazzi, the Mini Shimmy dancers who attend both Saturday and Sunday classes wlll perform on the AOTB stage during the Sunday show! 

*If your buying both days, make sure to check out the "Mini Shimmy" bundle to save $5. 

Farida's Bio:

Farida was given her name at the Middle Eastern School of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.  Her Lebanese instructor took one look at her red hair and dubbed her “Farida” which means “unique.”  She spent the next year and a half living as Farida and learning about the Arabic language, culture, food, and music.  Back in the early 90’s she couldn’t have predicted how she would use that education later in life.

When her time in the military concluded, Farida left the Army and her Arabic name behind.  As Valerie McParland she attended West Virginia University where she earned her degree in Elementary Education. Eventually her life and travels brought her and her family to Maryland.  While living in the Baltimore-Washington area she took her first belly dance class at Slayton House in Columbia with Mia Naja al Saphira.  That one class turned into years of obsessive study with Mia Naja, Naimah, and Piper.  These amazing instructors gave her the privilege of dancing with M.O.D.E, Amandari, and the Daughters of Rhea. Farida was Farida once more!

Farida has inherited the program where she began as a student 14 years ago.  She teaches Beginning and Intermediate students at Slayton House in Columbia.  She runs an accelerated class from her home studio as well as adult and children’s programs at Passport Homeschool Co-op.  It was in the Passport children’s class that she developed the games and techniques she uses to teach the Mini Shimmy program.   Farida directs the Al Safaar student troupe.  With Naimah’s help, she has recently taken the reigns and organizes the annual Moments of Magic Hafla that is held each spring in Columbia, MD.


MARCH 21-24, 2019




SATURDAY MARCH 24 8:00-9:00am

SUNDAY MARCH 25  8:30-9:30am  


Get the best out of your AoTB experience by arriving to your workshops fully awakened, stretched and energized. Join Lyra for a vinyasa flow style class that links breath, fluidity and strength to each posture. Special emphasis is placed on key concepts necessary for bellydancers, including: standing posture, strengthening for laybacks, extension and balance, and being present in movement. This session is tailored for both the beginner and expert alike, with modifications, adjustments and modifications suited to all skill levels. Your own yoga mat is required.