Friday March 22

1-2:30pm ROOM DE

Sometimes there is a certain darker tone to the music that needs to be reflected in dance. This choreography is set to a composition with a mysterious undertone and will challenge you with strong lines and aggressive execution. Working with highly dramatic shapes, Turning Inward is for intermediate to advance level dancers, or for dancers not affraid to push and stretch themselves past their comfort zone. This workshop will challenge your ability to focus not only on technique but also on your stage presence.


Saturday March 23

9-10:30am  ROOM DE

In this workshop, we will work in a series of combinations fusing Odissi Dance with Belly Dance. Odissi is the oldest, and arguably the most elegent of the eight classical styles of dance from India. We will work on articulated hand gestures called "Mudras", beautiful poses and frames, as well as learning how to incorporate your eyes in your dance. Fusing these ethnic elements with belly dance, we'll create elegent combinations that can be added into any choreography and will greatly enrich your dance vocabulary. Irina will be bringing  brand new combinations, especially for Art of the Belly '19!

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Irina is a New York City-based performer, teacher and choreographer, with a burning passion for arts of all genres. Although she discovered Middle Eastern dance purely by chance, her interest in expression started at an early age and was channeled into ballet training, in addition to piano and voice lessons as well as drawing. However, belly dance became her main addiction which she sustained by seeking instruction with numerous local teachers as well as visiting master performers. Since 2001, Irina explored both Egyptian Cabaret and American Tribal style belly dance, Odissi and Flamenco and now enjoys fusing these art forms as well as everything in between.

Today, Irina performs on various New York stages and tours nationally and internationally as a soloist and as member of various stellar projects. She completed successful tours around the world, teaching and performing in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Iceland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She released three successful instructional DVDs with World Dance New York (“Tribal Fusion Workout”, “Diamond Cut” and “Sculpted Blossom”) and two instructional series of videos with the popular website “Howcast.com”. Additionally, her performances were featured on “Fantasy Bellydance: Cult of Myth” DVD, “Fantasy Bellydance: Tarot” DVD and she could also be seen on Bellyqueen’s “Bellydance NYC: The Ultimate Fusion Experience” DVD. Irina is one of the principal dancers, instructors and choreographers with Bellyqueen Dance Theater, is the main choreographer and performer for Project “Bella Gaia” and an alumni member of Alchemy Dance Theater.

While home, she also directs her student troupe “Kiaroscuro Dance”, focusing mainly on Classical Indian fusion. She loves collaborating with other artists and has completed projects with Jillina (Bellydance Evolution project), Dalia Carella, BALAM Dance Theater, NY Gypsy All-Stars and many others. Irina is dedicated to continuing her dance education, always looking for new ways to be inspired. Furthermore, she holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science, and has a strong interest in women’s issues and visual arts.


Belladonna is a modern fusion belly dance instructor, performers and show producer from Washington DC. She is a pioneer of modern sword dancing and has paved the way for sword dancing around the globe. Belladonna is the founder and director of Bohemian Belly Dance LLC, is a certified yoga instructor, fire dancer, costume maker, interior designer, and the founder and creator of her signature jewelry line, Soul Armor. 

Her Bohemian Belly Dance style has been a spearhead in group improvisational belly dance on the East Coast, with her Fusion Fragments and Bohemian Tribal vocabularies.

She is the creative director and producer of  the annual Raven’s Night Soiree’, the Vixen Variety Show and DC's Bohemian Belly Dance Brunch.

Belladonna teaches weekly classes in the DC & NOVA area and travels to other cities and countries for specialty events.  Over the last several years she has produced 2 sword instructional DVDs and developed her own belly dance teacher training and sword certification programs 


Friday March 22

9-10:30amICE RINK

We have all heard the terms "Dress for Success" and "the clothes make the man" in correlation to our career and professional lives, but these concepts don't stop there. What we wear says alot about what we wish to accomplish. In performance our choice of costuming, adornments and accessories can help us set up for success or can be missed opportunities if only a little more thought went in to the decision making process. In this workshop Belladonna will break down these concepts and introduce you to her theories and approach to customizing costume choices to help make you look and feel your best for each performance, as well as discuss the symbolism and history of some of belly dance's most popular costume items and adornments. Knowing what something stands for can help you make informed decisions when putting yourself together. Having symbols that have a history and a meaning can also imbue your dance with deeper meaning and make your performances more powerful!

All Levels Welcome!


Friday March 22

5-6:30pmROOM PA

A sword can be a powerful dance partner.  And group improvisational dance can be a fun and exciting adventure. In this workshop we will do both! Belladonna will introduce you to some of her signature Boho Blade combinations. Dancers will learn purposeful and powerful combos that incorporate a variety of grips, head and body balances, cues and transitions. No longer are you limited to a single head balance or only one way of holding your sword. A pioneer of modern sword technique, Belladonna will share tips and tricks to help you build dexterity, balance, focus and improv you sword work and spatial awareness, all while having fun with in a community of other sword dancers. **Please bring a sword appropriate for belly dance

All Levels Welcome!

MARCH 19-22, 2020