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Donna Eileen

Leilah Moon is an award-winning professional belly dancer based in DC.
Leilah's genuine passion for dance and nuanced style is what audiences find most mesmerizing about her as a performer. Her style is firmly rooted in luscious and emotionally resonant Raqs Sharqi, and there's a special place in her heart for folk and folkloric dance. Leilah Moon won First Place and People's Choice awards in the highest Professional Category at the 2018 East Coast Classic Bellydance Competition.
Leilah currently teaches weekly classes at the iconic Sahara Dance in DC and you can catch her performing regularly at restaurants and venues throughout the DC area. 

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Leilah Moon

Donna Eileen

Leilah Moon


Known for her fiery stage presence and sophisticated cymbal work, Donna Eileen is a dynamic performer and instructor based in Sterling, VA. She strives to create innovative expressions of music through joyful and passionate movement. Donna values her role as a storyteller - tenaciously chasing refinement, clarity, honesty, and respect. An Intermediate 2 Salimpour style dancer, Donna Eileen is currently a candidate for Performance 1 (formerly Suhaila Level 4) certification, which focuses on personalization in performance. She has performed internationally with Suhaila Salimpour’s Bal Anat and is the Collective Leader for Salimpour Collective DC. Donna Eileen will return to teaching regular classes at Born 2 Dance in Fall 2022, and she is also available for private lessons by request.

Saturday 9:00-10:30
 Vintage Belly Dance: Jamila inspired combos

Vintage Belly Dance: Jamila Inspired Combos Take your cymbal improvisation to the next level! Learn exercises to build your hand strength and stamina. Explore rhythm concepts, such as beat structure, timing, an syncopation through Salimpour™ inspired combinations and drills that use movement from both the Jamila Salimpour step families and the Suhaila Salimpour techinique and nomenclature. Donna is an Intermediate 2 – formerly Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3 certified dancer and is a currently 

a candidate for Performance 1 certification. She is pursuing her teaching license for the Salimpour format.

 *Please bring your cymbals to the workshop. Cymbals with two slots for elastic (rather than one) are highly suggested for greater stability and control.

Friday 9-10:30

 All About Shimmies 

A shimmy is a controlled, but relaxed shaking movement or vibration generated by one or more body parts. Hips, chest, shoulders, glutes? Yep, we can shimmy that too! Leilah will compare and 

breakdown the technique for several different types of shimmies throughout the body. We’ll explore

 how body alignment, tension vs. relaxation, and muscle control can vary the appearance 

of a shimmy, as well as play with the concept of layering shimmies on top of other movements. This

 workshop will introduce newcomers to shimmies, but it’s also a great refresher for more advanced 

students looking to drill or improve technique.

Friday 1:00-2:30 
​Syncopated Alchemy: Sophisticated Cymbal Choreography

Looking for a recipe for dance magic? Donna Eileen’s got your back. Learn how to deconstruct sections of her own Salimpour™ inspired choreography into elemental pieces that you can use in your own special brew. Movements can be learned with or without cymbals, but basic finger cymbal skills are recommended.  Donna is an Intermediate 2 – formerly Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3 – certified dancer and is currently a candidate for Performance 1 certification. She is pursuing her teaching license for the Salimpour format.

*Please bring your cymbals to the workshop. Cymbals with two slots for elastic (rather than one) are highly suggested for greater stability and control.

Friday 5:00 – 6:30 Donna Eileen
Fake it Until you Make it 

(Performance/Logistics) Fake It ‘Til You Make It: A New Performer’s Survival Guide Performance anxiety

 got you down? A preperformance routine can reduce your overall stress level so that you can focus on 

the show. Every performer is different and will therefore have different needs. We will walk through 

 designing your unique performance  routine so that you can shine on stage.