MARCH 22-25, 2018



Workshop Description:

HOW TO FIND YOUR SUPERPOWER, and Tell the World About It

FRIDAY MARCH 23  9:00-10:30am ICE RINK

Learn how to identify, package and market your unique superpower to the world.  Whether you are a professional dancer or a hobbyist looking to build classes in your local community, you will learn how to identify and package your unique brand for your target audience.  This workshop will take you through specific steps to create your message, identify your niche, identify your target markets and create a plan to reach those markets.  You will leave this workshop with a definite plan in place to reach your marketing goals.

Terri's Bio:

Terri came to study belly dance after a head injury left her unable to work or take care of her family. Her physical therapist suggested taking a dance class to help with dizziness and balance. When she walked into her first belly dance class, she knew she was home. Having grown up dancing ballet and jazz since Kindergarten, she was immediately drawn by the control and fascinated by the abandon of belly dance. She has studied Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese, Persian, Indian, Hula, and Polynesian dance ultimately landing firmly in American Tribal Style®.

She is a FCBD® Sister Studio, the owner of Third Eye Tribal and Third Eye Tribal Consulting in MN and the Business Consultant for FatChanceBellyDance®. She is also the Program Manager and Advertising Director for The ATS® Magazine published by FCBD® and the Coordinator for ATS® Homecoming. She has recently published a book, “I Belly Dance Because: The Transformative Power of Dance,” and an instructional DVD, “ATS® with Props: Veil, Fan, and Basket.” Follow her reflections on life and dance via her Third Eye Tribal blog with sister, Lisa Allred.

Workshop Description:

MID-EAST RHYTHMS for Whatever You Have That Makes Noise

SATURDAY MARCH 24  9:30-11:00am   ICE RINK

This class is for everyone! A gentle introduction to middle eastern rhythms. Great for dancers and musicians. Bring your doumbek, frame drum, zills, djembe, bongos, slide whistle, whatever! This is perfect for first-timers.

Carmine's Bio:

Carmine is a New York City-based, nationally recognized musician, teacher and performer. Guida is known primarily for teaching the doumbek; however, he also plays several other instruments professionally: oud, cumbus, riq, bass guitar, guitar, and mandolin.

Carmine T. Guida has had hundreds of performances inside and outside of the US. He performs in New York City with Middle East meets Brooklyn fusion band Djinn. Their debut album, "The Middle East Side," was favorably reviewed by The Chronicles. Guida has also performed with New York City-based progressive rock band Pain Hertz. Carmine performs monthly on Long Island with traditional bellydance music band Baharat