Improv Team Sync and The Sigil Method (6 hours)

A dive into the world of Amy Sigil’s group improvisation formats ITS and The Sigil Method.

We will be working with new content, new concepts, and new formations.

Working the brain and the body while strengthening group communication and team spirit.

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I've always been inspired by movement.
My first conscious movements were found around the neck of a quarter horse. When I was a young girl I fell in love with a horse named Biscuit. We were both very young together, her 7 months old and myself 7 years old. It was the first time I cared about how strong my legs were, my will. Biscuit and I were left alone on 40 acres to develop our relationship. She spent years trying to kill me. She ran me under low tree branches, scraped my legs against barbed wire fences, kicked me, bit me and tried to drown me in the pond numerous times. Here's what I learned; lay to the side of the saddle with your head lower then her back when approaching a low branch, throw both legs opposite the fence side, stay close to her body so she can only push you and not extend her leg for a full force kick, bite her back, and learn to swim as fast as a quarter horse. She was my best friend.
Who knows if it was Biscuit that built my love of working with large mammals, but it has resonated with me my entire life. I am passionate about group work, inclusivity and fitness. I am moved by music and work ethic, by Art and expression. Movement and dance are all of these things for me. It is a way to further my relationship with my body and share these findings with others. What's beautiful about movement and dance is that it is "me". It is "you". It is "us". What a beautiful thing to express yourself with yourself. Is there anything more authentic?" - Amy Sigil
Amy Sigil is an international instructor in dance and team building, director of UNMATA, owner of Sigil School, and the creator of Improv Team Sync. She has been studying dance for over 20 years with training in Bellydance, American Tribal Style, Hula, Tahitian, Studio Hip Hop, Volleyball, Basketball and Track.